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South Africa Shines: NCT Forestry Agriculture Leads the Way in Solar-powered Farming.

Ijika Solar Solutions, a prominent solar installation company, successfully executed a substantial solar installation project for NCT Forestry Agricultural in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The project was designed to establish a dependable backup system for NCT's offices and servers, lower electricity usage, and minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

The project faced challenges, including the removal of the existing UPS system, replacing it with a 50-kW hybrid high-voltage inverter and lithium-ion battery setup. Ijika Solar Solutions obtained necessary permissions from the PMB local council and ensured compliance with the latest NRS097 standards. The installation process spanned six weeks, during which the team overcame the complexities of working on a steep tile roof using roof hooks and a rail system.

The solar installation has brought substantial economic advantages to NCT Forestry Agricultural through the reduction of electricity expenses and the provision of a backup system with batteries, diminishing the dependency on diesel generators in times of grid power failures. Furthermore, the project has made a significant contribution to environmental sustainability by lowering CO2 emissions, in perfect alignment with the client's dedication to green energy solutions.

By utilizing Sunsynk, the installed system was effectively monitored to guarantee peak performance and efficiency. This advanced monitoring solution empowered Ijika Solar Solutions to closely monitor the system's output, swiftly resolve any issues, and maintain seamless functionality for maximum energy production.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Ijika Solar Solutions: Responsible for design and engineering of the solar installation.

  • Sunsynk: Provided high voltage inverters and monitored the performance of the installed system.

  • Freedom Won: Contributed the high voltage battery used for the solar system

  • NCT Forestry Agricultural: The client seeking a reliable backup solution and a reduction in electricity consumption.

Ijika Solar Solutions has acquired invaluable insights from this project, especially in managing high voltage batteries and inverters. The team strongly emphasizes the significance of strictly following safety protocols when operating on steep roofs, prioritizing the safety and welfare of their personnel while providing top-notch solar solutions to their clientele.

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