makING it happen


When it comes to built services and engineering, IJIKA offers everything from the the practical to the purely aesthetic. Behind every project we manage; each system we design; is our commitment to sustainability, excellence and integrity from first concept to final realisation. 

But no project is an island unto itself: raising buildings and building relationships go hand-in-hand. Our relationships with our community, clients, craftsmen and employees matter. They are the foundation of what we do and why; they are the reason we strive for innovation and interconnectedness. Together, we’re building spaces and going places. 

Proudly South African and working out of offices in every major city in the country, we offer the following design and administration services:


Project Management of Mechanical & Electrical Services

Electrical & Electronic Services

Renewable Energies & Self-Sustainable Solutions:

Solar, Wind, Biomass & Water

Voice & IT Services

Mechanical & HVAC Services

Energy Management and Building Automation Design

Fire and Life Safety Engineering

Health and Safety Consulting

Facilities Management

Design, Supply and Installation - Turnkey Solutions